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Adriana Avendano




Immersed in design and art from an early age, I've cultivated a lifelong passion for crafting immersive environments, deeply influenced by human behavior and emotion in relation to our surroundings. As a designer, I strive to transcend conventional boundaries, leading towards a more experimental and holistic approach to design. With innovative thinking and four years of industry experience collaborating with brands, I seek to create environments that captivate the imagination, fostering a deeper connection between people and their environment.

Screenshot 2023-05-22 154655.png

An artistic creation born of pure intuitive design and creative experimentation. This rhythmic pavilion encapsulates the essence of my design language through architecture and expressive form-making.

A concentration of illustrative, graphic and animation projects. This is an experimental playground for me to explore new forms, styles, aesthetics and ideas. 

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