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An artistic creation born of pure intuitive design and creative experimentation. This rhythmic pavilion encapsulates the essence of my design language through architecture and expressive form-making.



The eight ethereal forms displayed within the space were born from a creative state of "flow," evolving through a process guided solely by pure instinct and intuition. These organic shapes embody a deeply spiritual essence, reflecting how my mind and body surrender to a blank canvas, resulting in an abstract self-portrait of sorts. They remain open to interpretation, inviting the imagination of others to wander freely. The aspiration is that prolonged contemplation of these ever-changing forms will spark a deeper exploration within one's internal realm, facilitating a profound and subliminal journey of self.

What do you see in these shapes? What do they remind you of and how do they speak to you?

These shapes could evoke a myriad of associations, depending on the observer's perspective and experiences. They may abstractly remind us of an object, a natural organism, a memory, a personality or feeling. Alternatively, they could simply be observed through an artistic lense, prompting thoughts on symmetry, balance, and harmony. Ultimately, the interpretation of these shapes is subjective and deeply personal, varying from person to person based on their individual perspectives, emotions, and life experiences.


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The environmental design of the pavilion is meticulously designed to holistically highlight form in a harmonious and balanced manner. Its symmetrical layout serves as a grounding force for the asymmetrical and otherworldly shapes, liberating them from the constraints of conventional reality. The radial pattern of the ceiling and floors directs the gaze towards each alcove, enticing viewers to explore them up close. In essence, the purpose of the space is to mimic the organic nature of these forms while fostering an atmosphere where each personality of these forms shines uniquely. The viewer is invited to decide which shape resonates with them the most.

Throughout the pavilion, natural elements within and outside of the space are manipulated in size to distort one's sense of scale, creating a surreal and immersive experience. This can be further experienced at the rooftop where one may find themselves in a meadow of overgrown daisies in the sunset.



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